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Pointer is a free mobile app designed for high school students to take ownership of their college search and application process.

As your personalized college counselor, we dive deeply into who you are, your experiences, personality, skills and desires.  We help to identify the college communities where you will thrive academically, socially, and ultimately feel encouraged to be your best self.  With Pointer, you will feel empowered to find the right colleges for you and tackle the complicated application process with ease.

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This process is all about YOU and your future. Come take our first quiz, learn more about yourself and which colleges could be best for you.

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Yep, there’s a ton to keep track of during this process.  So, we’ve broken everything down into SUPER EASY daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and reminders, from SAT/ACT prep to getting letters of recommendations.

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Here you can search all colleges, see Pointer’s recommendations, and save schools of interest to explore further.

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We’re Google for your college search – a one stop shop for all your college information inquiries.

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