This is all about YOU. This is your life. Your choice. We built Pointer for you. You should use Pointer as a resource and guide throughout the application process. We are not a substitute for your counselor, parents, or friends, but we are on your team!

We’re here to help however we can. Like most people going through this, you probably have a million questions. Below are answers to some of the more common ones – specifically related to Pointer. If you have a question that you don’t see below, please feel free to drop us a note at info@getonpointer.com.

Parents, Guardians, and Guidance Counselors

We love you and you’re going to play an essential role in your student’s college application process. We encourage your input and look forward to working with you. The Pointer app itself is all about empowering your student to step up and take control of their process. If you have questions as that process unfolds, send us an email at info@getonpointer.com.


Will Pointer guarantee me admission to college?

Unfortunately not. Pointer is a mobile app that provides resources and information and is meant to support students in the college application process. We suggest schools that we think are a good fit and help students through the application process, but ultimately we cannot guarantee admittance to any school.

Does Pointer cost money?

Nope. Pointer is completely free!

Can anyone download Pointer?

Yes, but Pointer is specifically designed for high school students. That said, we encourage counselors to download the app to try it for themselves and see how it works. We love feedback. So, please send us any thoughts and suggestions at info@getonpointer.com.

Is the information about schools on Pointer fully accurate?

We do our best to keep the information as current as possible, but you should definitely double check all application and scholarship due dates as colleges tend to change deadlines and requirements from year to year. We provided direct links so information should be easy to confirm. If you find any errors, we would love to know about them.

How does Pointer determine which schools are best for me?

Pointer looks at who you are as a person and a student: your background, the environments you feel comfortable in, your ability and willingness to take risks, your academic standing, your interests, and personality. With that information, we identify colleges that we think will support you in being the best version of yourself.

Should I apply to schools even if my test scores or GPA are below their accepted ranges?

There are many factors that play into the college admissions process, so, in general, the answer is yes. But this is something you should discuss in detail with your counselor and family.

I’m worried that I cannot afford college. Is it even worth applying?

We feel you! It’s crazy stressful, but actually a lot of students receive financial aid packages and wind up paying far less than the price listed on the college’s website. It is, therefore, absolutely worth applying. Pointer will also help you as it provides financial aid resources, grant and scholarship information, and other tools to help you navigate the financial side of things.

What is the difference between Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, Rolling Admissions?

RIGHT?! There are tons of ways to apply to schools. We’ve broken it all down for you below.

Early Decision or ED: If you really love a school and feel it is your best match, consider applying ED. ED applications are typically due November 1st or 15th. ED is a “binding agreement”. That is, you can only apply ED to one school. If that college accepts you, you have to go. You can simultaneously apply to schools Early Action (see below), but if your ED application is accepted, you have to attend that college.

Early Action or EA: EA applications are often due around the same time as ED apps. Unlike ED, however, EA is a “non-binding agreement”. You can, therefore, apply to several schools EA.

Regular Decision: This is how the majority of students apply to college. These apps are typically due between early January and mid-February. If you are applying Regular Decision, it means you can apply to as many schools as you want without committing to one until you’ve assessed all your options.

Rolling Admissions: Schools that have rolling admissions evaluate applications whenever they’re received and until all the available slots are filled. This is in contrast to Regular Decision, ED and EA, all of which have hard deadlines.

What is the difference between a college and a university?

A college offers undergraduate degrees while a university offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

How do I delete my Pointer account?

Simply email us at info@getonpointer.com and we will, albeit sadly, delete your account.